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FirstOneTuning carbon wing offer

FirstOneTuning carbon wing offer up to the end of september (7/9/2020)   >>>

New Exhaust System F1 PRO

The F1 PRO, definitive version of the F1/2016 pipe is now available  (1/14/2018)   >>>

New exhaust systen F1/2106

Preview of the new exhaust system FirstOneTuning F1/2016 (5/1/2016)   >>>

How does a turbine run

How does a turbine is made and how it run (2/10/2016)   >>>

New 1:5 Formula1 Exhaust System

Soon available new exhaust system for 1:5 scale car models. Stay tuned ! (12/8/2015)   >>>

Angry Joe Jet Dragster 1:5 scale

Finally ready the prototype of Angry Joe Jet Dragster 1:5 scale (1/16/2015)   >>>

Jet Dragster Angry Joe

From the cooperation between FirstOneTuning, Deco Grafica and STV Machinery the prototipo of the Jet Dragster Angry Joe (2/18/2014)   >>>


Copule of spare side support for carbon rearwing (left and right) (6/9/2013)   >>>

New carbon airbox

Soon availabele the new carbon airbox, at the end of september more info. (8/30/2012)   >>>

New 2012 price list

Now available the new 2012 price list on the web site (1/1/2012)   >>>

FirstOneTuning forum

FirstOneTuning forum is now online (3/10/2011)   >>>


Soon online a new branch dedicated to CMG MARINE 26 cc boats (1/4/2009)   >>>

Price list reduction

FirstOneTuning products price reduction (1/1/2008)   >>>

New G02M pipe

 (2/1/2007)   >>>

New 2007 list price available on the web site

Pipes price increased 3% due to materials, carbon wing price increase 10% due to the high carbon fiber increase. Prices of G02A/H and G03A/H are decreased, Promo price for the new G01M pipe with cone manifold included in special offers pages. (1/1/2007)   >>>

5th FirstOne Tuning Cup - Results

 (10/2/2006)   >>>

5th FirstOne Tuning Cup - Subscription started

On Sunday October 1st, 2006 there will be the FirstOne Tuning Cup 5th edition, at "Jody Scheckter" mini-track in Fiorano (MO) - Italy. (9/1/2006)   >>>

Hobby Center test with the G01M exhaust system

Hobby Center tested the G01M exhaust system with their Zenoah tuning engines (8/22/2006)   >>>

Gabriele Piana official FirstOneTuning G01M test driver

Gabriele Piana is the official test driver for the new exhaust system G01M, especially developed for Zenoah G230 tuned engines. (2/21/2006)   >>>

New G01M pipe for Zenoah tuned engines

Tested on Zenoah, ABC Tuning, Hobby France and Technokit engines, it offers the best performances on Zenoah tuned engines. (2/1/2006)   >>>

IV FirstOne Tuning Cup

47 drivers on the track. Gabriele Piana wins with his Harm SX3 2005. (9/26/2005)   >>>


Made by ODD and distributed by FirstOne Tuning (9/26/2005)   >>>

Forum OK!

Ok! The FirstOne Tuning Forum is now definitively on-line and working right! (9/15/2005)   >>>

SVM MK6 is also available only chassis version.

Now available the SVM MK6 only chassis version without engine and tyres. (5/12/2005)   >>>

Now on-line the new FirstOne FORUM!

Now we can write our opinions and news about car models' world. Read how it works… (3/4/2005)   >>>

Soon available the new HARM SX-3 2005!

Soon available the new HARM SX-3 2005! Now available a Conversion Kit to convert your SX-3 chassis into the new SX-3 2005 version. (11/15/2004)   >>>

Now available the SVM MK6!

If you want to order this car, go to the product page. (11/15/2004)   >>>

Now on-line FirstOne Tuning Cup 2004 pictures and rating.

On september, 26th 2004, the 3rd FirstOne Tuning Cup has been disputed… (9/30/2004)   >>>

Now on-line the new FirstOne web site!

The new FirstOne Tuning web site has changed both in design and contents. (5/20/2004)   >>>

The new FirstOne special pipes 2004

Presented at the Nurnberg Fair in january 2004 the new FirstOne Tuning pipes series FOF/H/S/GB, F1, G01A/H, G02A/H, G03A/H (2/1/2004)   >>>

New: car models customized decals

Paint your car model with our decals, available in various graphic and colours. (1/10/2004)   >>>

FirstOneTuning carbon wing offer

New Exhaust System F1 PRO

New exhaust systen F1/2106

How does a turbine run

New 1:5 Formula1 Exhaust System

VI FirstOne Cup 2007